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Q: What chapter does Simon tell Ralph you will be back all right?
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What does Simon tell Ralph in chapter 7?

"you" will get back all right

Chapter 7 Lord of the Flies what does Simon say to Ralph?

Simon told Ralph... "You'll get back where you came from." When Ralph questioned this remark Simon repeated twice more.. "I just think that you'll get back all right."

What does Simon predicts as he talks to Ralph and how does Ralph react?

he predicts that SImon will reach or he shall return home safely. Simon says, "You'll get back all right." (Chapter 7) Ralph's reaction is unsure and uncomfortable.

What prediction does Simon make in chapter 7?

he predicts ralph will get back to where he comes from

Why does Simon tell Jack that you will get back all right?

Simon's sympathy for other characters is one of his main characteristics; however, you are mistaken. Simon tells Ralph that they will get back all right, when Ralph is having issues with being leader, and begs for a message from the adults.

In chapter 7 of Lord of the Flies why does Simon go off alone?

Simon, right at the start of the chapter, makes his prediction to Ralph that Ralph'll get back all right. He's already behaving in an "other" sort of way - slightly unusual, slightly mystical. And so his disappearance doesn't come as much of a surprise.

In Lord of the Flies why does Simon tell Ralph that you will get back all right?

Simon is very perceptive and was almost get the impression that he can foresee the future. He tells Ralph that he'll get back alright because Ralph is the only person on the island who didn't die or join the savages.

Why does Simon tell Ralph 'you will get back all right'?

Because he knows that they will be rescued.

Why does Simon tell Ralph that you will get back all right?

Simply as reassurance and also perhaps because Simon recognises that the resilience and adaptability of Ralph will probably see him through whatever difficulties the island throws at him.

Why do you think Simon says you'll get back all right?

Notice that Simon specifies YOU to Ralph. Later on, Simon and Piggy are both killed by Jack and his tribe. Out of the "three blind mice" (an earlier allusion). Only Ralph survives to be rescued.

What prediction does Simon make?

Simon predicts that Ralph will get back to where came from alright.

What does ralph say happened to simon?

"You'll get back where you came from."

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