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Q: What baseball team does Jonas brothers play for?
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What is the name of the football team that the Jonas Brothers play on?

umm.. the Jonas Brothers do not play on a football team.. they just simply play in their band..

Nick Jonas plays on what baseball team?

Nick and all of his brothers play on the Road Dogs with their band.

What is the name of the Jonas Brothers baseball team?

Road Dogs.

Team Jonas Brothers or Team Selena?

Team Jonas, all the way. boo Selena

Do the Jonas Brothers play soccer?

Nick played on a team at one point, but I'm not sure if his brothers ever did. I'm sure they play it for fun, though.

What were the Jonas Brothers going to call themselves before the decided on the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers were going to call themselves the "Sons of Jonas" or the " Jonas Trio". I'm not so sure about"Team Jonas".

Do the jobros have a club?

Yes. Their offical club is The Jonas Brothers clubs are called Team Jonas and the Jonas Street Team.

What colors were the Jonas brothers in the 2008 Disney channel games?

Kevin Jonas was the captain of the yellow team joe Jonas was on the green team nick Jonas was on the red team

What is the Jonas Brothers PreSale For Team Jonas PassCode for the World Tour?


How do you get on the Jonas brothers steet team?

go on to

What are the release dates for Jonas Brothers Living the Dream - 2008 Team Jonas 2-7?

Jonas Brothers Living the Dream - 2008 Team Jonas 2-7 was released on: USA: 28 March 2010

Joe Jonas' favourite baseball team?

Joe Jonas' favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

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