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Rap and hip hop.

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What combination of instruments was used in early blues music

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Q: What are two popular styles of music that have developed since the 1970s?
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What is the difference about popular and art music?

what art different styles of popular music

Examples of composition of the popular musical styles?

r music

What is the origin of reggaeton music?

Reggaeton music originated from Latin and Caribbean music. It is a subgenre of reggae, and appeared in the 1970s. It was developed in Panama and Puerto Rico.

What styles of music developed form the blues?

Jazz, Country, Rock n' Roll, and Soul are direct descendents of early blues music. Most forms of modern popular music around the globe are heavily influenced by American blues music.

What are traditional south African music styles?

Marabi and Afrikaans music are some classic South African music styles. Reggae, gospel and kwaito are some more modern styles popular in South Africa.

What is the origin of reggaeton?

Reggaeton music originated from Latin and Caribbean music. It is a subgenre of reggae, and appeared in the 1970s. It was developed in Panama and Puerto Rico.

Why is classical music popular?

For the same reasons any other music genre or style is popular. It's all a matter of personal taste. As there are many different styles of music, there are an equal number of enthusiasts who appreciate and support those very styles of music.

Main styles used in the Caribbean music?

There are various styles that are used in Caribbean music. Some of the main styles used are zouk, calypso, soca, reggae, and cadence-lypso.

What were the popular styles of music in the 1980's?

I think the popular styles of music in 1980s were jazz latin rap and salsa and if your looking for people who sang songs like this here are 2 the Winias and the Clarks

What is the music styles in Europe?

there 5 music styles of Europe:folkloric musicvocal musicfakeloric musicinstrumental musicetc....

What are England's most popular styles of music?

I think that the music is multicultural so different people enjoy different music.

What type of music was popular in 1970?

Hey what up peeepps!! I think the most popular music in the late 1970s is rock and roll baby!!! Yeah it was awsome!!!! AHahahahahahhaha !

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