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Q: What are the songs played at packer games?
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What is the rap song played at the packer games?

artist Bee. Song Watch me.

What Packer holds the record for most consecutive games played?

Brett Favre

What was Alfred Packer's childhood like?

Packer Played with other kids in his neighborhood

What movie and television projects has Alexander England been in?

Alexander England has: Performed in "The Diamond Stud" in 1995. Played Conrad Fischer in "Wild Boys" in 2011. Played Damien Wilson in "Tricky Business" in 2012. Played James Packer in "Paper Giants: Magazine Wars" in 2013. Played Clyde Packer in "Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story" in 2013.

What songs are played at patriot games?


What songs are played at bulls games?

Aw, they played a lot dahlin'.

What are songs played at football games?

rap daddy

Songs played during Red Sox games?

Sweet Caroline is one of the most famous songs played at Red Sox games. It is played in the eight inning of every Red Sox home game.

What songs are played at the New England Patriots games?

This list was put together by Kobryant on the Patriots message board1) "We Ready" by Archie Eversole - this song was added to the Gillette play list in 2003 and is played during pre-game warm ups and also occasionally during the game when the Pats are on D.2) "Tom Sawyer" by Rush - when Tom Brady and the other Patriot QB's take the field for their pre-game warm ups about 40 minutes before game time, this is the song that plays. Brady usually runs down the field and pumps his fist to the crowd in the end zone during this song.3) "Back In the Saddle" by Aerosmith - during the 2005 season, this song was used as the background music for a strange pre-game video package that featured Pat the Patriot riding a sea horse through the logos of the Patriots opponents. This wasn't shown during the playoffs however, and thankfully has not returned in 2006.4) "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff - this is played during a highlight video that it shown right before the Pats come running out of the tunnel. It was replaced for a portion of the 2005 season, but returned to this spot for the playoffs and in 2006.5) "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne - when good ol' Ozzy yells out "All aboard!", the crowd goes wild because its time for the Patriots to take the field!6) "For Those About to Rock" by AC/DC - this song is used for one of the pre-game highlight videos that airs right before kickoff. In '03 and '04, it was used before the Patriots made their entrance, but now its more often used while everyone is mulling around during a TV timeout before the opening kickoff.7) "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC - it often plays before the game, right before the opening kickoff. It is also used when the Pats are on D."Beast of Burden" by the Rolling Stones - A couple seasons back, Tom Brady requested that this song be played when the offense took the field. The Pats won that game and the tradition has continued. It is usually played during the TV time out before the offense's first possession. It is also used sometimes when the Fan Cam shows fans on the Jumbotron.9) "Song 2" by Blur - whenever the Pats make a field goal you'll hear this song.10) "Rock & Roll Part II (The Hey Song)" by Gary Glitter - for many years, after the Pats scored a touchdown, the Foxboro faithful celebrated to this song. The throwing of snow to the tune of the music during the Dolphins game in December 2003 is an image etched in the minds of Patriots fans. However, due to Gary Glitter's multiple arrests for kiddie porn, the NFL has asked teams to stop using the song in 2006.11) "Elevation" by U2 - after the banning of Gary Glitter, the Patriots held an online vote to choose the new touchdown song. This was one of two winners and is played immediately following the touchdown. U2 was chosen because they also played the Super Bowl XXXVI halftime show. It is no longer used.12) "1812 Overture" by the Boston Pops - this was the second song chosen in the online poll. After the extra point is converted, this song is played and the Minutemen shoot their muskets in tune to the music ala the Fourth of July fireworks.13) "Machinehead" by Bush - after the Patriots score, this song plays while they are preparing for the ensuing kickoff.14) "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy - it sounds like a hip hop version of "Crazy Train" and was added to the pre-game mix for 2004. In 2005, it became the most often played song when the Patriots are on defense. It appears it may have been a one-year-wonder, because so far it isn't back in 2006.15) "Hells Bells" by AC/DC - the Patriots defense needs a big stop on 3rd down? This song used to be the one that got the fans on their feet. Unfortunately it seems to be used much less frequently now with songs like "Let's Go" taking its place.16) "TNT" by AC/DC - apparently someone in the sound booth must be a big AC/DC fan. Another song that plays at random points, but more often when the Pats are on defense.17) "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns 'N' Roses - this classic used to get played right before the opening kickoff. In 2005, it was replaced by "For Those About to Rock". Now, the opening guitar part of the song is used when the Pats are on D, but the entire song doesn't seem to be played anymore.18) "Never Scared" by Bone Crusher - a song added late in 2003, I believe I read somewhere that it was at the request of Ted Washington. Unfortunately, it seems to have been removed from the rotation as of 2005.19) "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation - this song is better known as the one played when the Bruins score a goal, but the Patriots use it from time to time as well. It seems to be played at times when the opponent has made a mistake such as an interception or missed field goal. I specifically remember it being played when Mike Vanderjagt missed a potential game tying field goal at the end of the September '04 game vs. the Colts.20) "We Are the Champions" by Queen - self explanatory!21) "Number One" by Nelly - images of Bob Kraft dancing with Lawyer Milloy and Ty Law at the first Super Bowl victory parade come to mind when this song is heard.22) "Encore" by Jay Z - the anthem of the second victory parade, Ty Law forced Bob Kraft to dance yet again to this song.23) "Won't Get Fooled Again" by the Who - after a Patriots victory at home, this is usually the first song played. It contains the line "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"; try as teams may, nobody has been able to knock the Patriots from their perch at the top of the NFL.24) "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen - this tune is played while the fans are filing out of Gillette after another victory.25) "Beautiful Day" by U2 - U2 performed this song during halftime of the Pats first Super Bowl win, and it is played after the preceding two songs after a victory at home.26) "Put On" by Young Jeezy - Played during timeouts when the team is on D.27) "This Is Our House" by Jon Bon Jovi - The Patriots new td song. Bon Jovi is good friends with head coach Bill Belichick. The Pats replaced Elevation with this song, which was written specifically for the Pats.

What are songs played during NFL football games?

all kinds of songs like crank dat and others

What songs are most played during football games?

There are a lot of songs played in the football games. In the NFL they play a lot of Sam Spence numbers (Round-up, Salute to Courage). Though in the modern NFL era, these songs are not heard as much.

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