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Q: What are the pros and cons of being a teen celebrity?
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What are the release dates for Teen Mom - 2009 Pros and Cons 3-12?

Teen Mom - 2009 Pros and Cons 3-12 was released on: USA: 20 September 2011

Pros and cons on teen curfews?

One pro of having a curfew for your teen is knowing that they are safe. One con is that they don't learn to be responsible on their own.

What are the pros and cons of city curfews?

Cons are that your teen is going to sneak out and do bad stuff if you give them a curfew but the pros about it is they have that second thought in their head if they do sneak out and go and have fun, but i think as a parent that their should be no curfews and let your teen have some fun. ya i am a teen i no we should have a lot of freedom because we go to school come home and do homework and want to go and chill with are friends.

What is the most popular celebrity teen brand?

The most popular celebrity teen brand is Prada.

Has any teen celebrity ever had a pee accident?


Who is the most popular teen celebrity?

The most popular teen is Justen Bieber because they say he is

How is it like to be friends with priveliges?

also known as friends with benefits----- well there are pros and cons... pros: great experience stronger friendship dont need to worry about dating cons: could end up losing your friend with benefits. possibly end up with teen pregnancy hep c and HIV but overall its a type of thing you want to do with one person..not wit 2 or 3 friends...

Does any teen celebrity like the band metallica?

There are good chances that at least one teen celebrity likes the band Metallica, how ever the definite answer is unknown. If you think Avril Lavigne is teen.. yes...she like's Metallica.

Top 10 teen celebrity of the Philippines?

daniel padilla

Which teen celebrity's favorite subject is math?

Demi Lovato

What are the release dates for Celebrity Deathmatch - 1998 Teen Night 3-7?

Celebrity Deathmatch - 1998 Teen Night 3-7 was released on: USA: 29 June 2000

Where can I find celebrity teen clothing lines at low cost on the internet?

There are many websites online selling celebrity clothing lines. Various retail stores also carry teen clothing lines.

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