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You can watch the credits for any film and learn the names of people who work in film.

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2013-06-09 18:35:44
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Q: What are the names of people who work in film?
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What are the actual people that work for the producer called?

Every person who works on a film works for the producer, because the producer pays the bills for a film. You can remain in your seat after a film story ends, to read the names and tasks performed by people who worked for the producer of that film.

What are the names for people who act in a play or film?

The cast

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What job in the film industry allows you to work on set with the director and actors?

Next time you go to the movies, remain after the story ends and read the credits. Except for the actors whose names you see in the credits, you can read all the job titles of the other people who contributed to the film. The on-set workers work with the director and actors.

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