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define fire outbreak

and the causes

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Q: What are the causes of fire outbreak?
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What are the Possible causes of fire in the work place?

Possible causes of fire at work place includes lack of safety program in place. Over crowded offices also contributes to fire outbreak . And carelessness by staffs can also lead to fire out break.

What is fire management?

This is how fire is controlled from cradle to grave in all areas of fire outbreak.

What are the Effect of fire outbreak on individual and society?


What are some reasons that causes the outbreak of war in 1937?

obviously not me!!

What were the reasons for the great plague ending?

The Fire of London was a major fact bringing the plague to its minimun point on the 1665 outbreak which was a major outbreak.

How can electrical cable cause a fire outbreak in buildings?

A short in the wring can cause heat and a spark which can start a fire.

What long-term factors led to the outbreak of World War 1?

There were 4 main long term causes that led to the outbreak of World War I. These causes included militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism.

What type of liability insurance do you need for cooking barbecue on festivals?

it's a fire case of fire outbreak while cooking..

What causes the SA node to fire?

The autonomic nervous system causes the SA node to fire

What happens when fire grows?

It spreads and causes a bigger fire somewhere else or just causes more damage to where the fire was originally at.

What are the causes of outbreak of the American Civil War?

Tariffs, state's rights, slavery, and cultural differences.

What is the definition of a plague?

The general definition of a plague is an epidemic outbreak that causes high rates of mortality.

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