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In Indonesia they think that the Gamelan is sacred and in the instruments are spirits. You must not walk over them as they think that you would offend the spirit. When you play it you must take off your shoes because it is polite to the spirits. sometime flowers if offered to the Gamelan.

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Q: What are the beliefs behind gamelan music?
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What are the religious beliefs behind gamelan music?

why is the gamelan religious is beliefsyes, the gamelan is important

What is the basic function of vocal music in gamelan music?


What is the function of vocal music in gamelan music?

vocal music is used to ornament the gamelan music

What is something interesting about Gamelan music?

Gamelan music is mainly percussive.

What does gamelan music actually mean?

Gamelan music is a type of music which is performed by indonesia/bali and java. Gamelan music is believed to contact the spirits.

How do Gamelan musicians learn there music?

Children/gamelan learners watch there family or others playing the gamelan music. Gamelan music is not written down as musical or any kind of notes.

How is gamelan music learned?

Gamelan Music is taught to children by their parents and at their school. They learn Gamelan Music from an early age and can be amazing by the time they are in their teens!

What is the gamelan?

gamelan is a type of music originated in Indonesia.

What are the two kinds of scale pattern use in Indonesian music?

Gamelan music is the traditional music ensemble of Indonesia. Gamelan music has two scales: slendro and pelog.

Does Gamelan music have an ostinato?

Yes. The melody in Gamelan music is repeated. The meaning of an ostinato is a continually repeated musical rhythm. So Gamelan music does have an ostinato.

Who played the gamelan music?

The people of Bali and Java originally played the gamelan music.

Where could you find Facts about gamelan music?

at gamelan

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