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Dragon Ball-- The First series

Dragon Ball Z-- The Second series

Dragon Ball GT-- The Third series

Dragon Ball Z Kai-- (Dragon Ball Z without fillers, but most of the classic phrases are taken out...)

If you want to watch these, go to:

It has all the episodes, Plus Movies and Specials.

Hope this helped!

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2011-11-01 01:19:57
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Q: What are all of the Dragon Ball series?
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What are all the series names for Dragon Ball Z?

1 is Dragon ball 2 is Dragon ball Z 3 is Dragon ball GT and maybe Dragonball Af

How many shows in all in the dragon ball series?


What is the last series of Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball GT.

What is the new series of Dragon Ball Z called?

the new series of dragon ball z is called dragon ball z kai

What are all the Dragon Ball shows?

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball Abridged. V&Y LOVER (VEGETA & YAMCHA)

What Dragon Ball series is omega shenron from?

dragon ball gt

What is the first televised Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball of course

What is the new Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball z kia

What were all the names of dragonball series?

Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT. There have been rumors about a fourth series called Dragon ball AF, but many have dismissed it as false as there is a lack of validity. Yes that is true but There is new one's (Not listed in order) So Dragon ball Dragon ball Z Dragon ball GT Dragon ball AF Dragon ball Absalon And i think i don't know but possibly Dragon ball yoshi? i actually don't know That may be a series Dragon ball, Af, Absalon, And yoshi (I don't know if this is one) Have not been aired but is still a work in Progress Ok thats all cya guys :D

What is the longest Japanese manga?

I think it is all the dragon ball series

What Dragon Ball Z series comes after dragon ball gt?

iam sorry to tell u but DB gt is the last series of dragon ball though there is dragon ball af but it is fan made

If you made a new Dragon Ball series what would it be?

it will have to be dragon ball XT.

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