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The cast of The Big Break - 2003 includes: Danielle Amiee as herself Warren Bladon as Himself - Team Europe Thomas Blankvoort as Himself - Team Europe Randy Block as himself Tasha Browner as herself David Carnell as Himself - Team USA Vince Cellini as Himself - Host Jeanne Cho as herself Shelby Chrest as himself Pam Crikelair as herself Debbie Dahmer as herself Divina Delasin as herself Nikki DiSanto as herself Don Donatello as himself Jan Dowling as herself Steve Duemig as himself Mark Farnham as himself Tommy Gainey as Himself - Team USA Edoardo Gardino as Himself - Team Europe Garrett Garland as himself Richard Gillot as Himself - Team Europe Kip Henley III as himself Paul Holtby as Himself - Team USA Randall Hunt as Himself - Team USA Dana Lacey as herself Kim Lewellen as herself Bart Lower as himself Bart Lower as Himself - Team USA Becky Lucidi as herself Jay McNair as himself Valeria Ochoa as herself Craig Pawling as himself Ashley Prange as herself Jon Roddy as himself Katie Ruhe as herself Sarah Sasse as herself Anthony Sorentino as himself Stephanie Sparks as Herself - Host Lesley Swanson as Herself - Host Kristina Tucker as herself Liz Uthoff as herself Guy Woodman as Himself - Team Europe Scott Yancy III as himself

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in The Big Break - 2003?
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