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James Wood The actor who played SHARK

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2010-07-11 01:38:21
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Q: What actor played the voice of hades in hercules?
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What famous people have the initials JW?

James Weaver, the American politicianJames Woods, the actor who also did voice of Hades in Hercules (animated)Jimmy Walker, the actor from Good TimesJohn Wayne, the actor from many war and western moviesJohn Williams, the American composerJustin Wilson, the chef

Who does the voice of Hades in Walt Disneys motion picture Hercules?

James Woods

Who is Apollo in the Disney movie Hercules?

Actor Keith David provided the voice of Apollo .

Who was the actor who played Hercules in the movie?

Hercules has been played by several actors: In the 1958 film "Hercules" and its sequel "Hercules Unchained" he was portrayed by the bodybuilder and actor Steve Reeves. Dara Singh starred in Hercules (1964) Gordon Scott starred in Hercules and the Princess of Troy (aka Hercules vs the Sea Monster) Arnold Schwarzeneggerwas Hercules in Hercules in New York in 1970 Lou Feringo (formerly the Hulk) was in Hercules(1983) and it's sequel Hercules II Des Mangan played him in Hercules Returns (1993) Kevin Sorbo played Hercules in several TV films (as well as the series) Tate Donovan frovided his voice in the Disney animated film Hercules (and the subsequent tv series), while Roger Bart provided the young Hercules' voice in the film. Ian Bohen played him in the pilot film of Young Hercules in 1998 with Ryan Gosling taking over for the series. Paul Telfer and William Shimell played the hero in separate television movies in 2005. Please don't ask me to go through all of the foreign protrayals, I'll be here forever.

What actor played ghostface in scream?

the voice is played by roger jackson he is a american voice actor but i dont know who is playing ghostface is thought is was billy loomis

Who was the voice of Grimlock?

The voice of Grimlock was portrayed by two different voice actors. The English voice actor that played Grimlock was Gregg Berger while the Japanese voice actor was Takuro Kitagawa.

What actor provided the voice of Hercules in the Spanish language version of the Disney film?

(Spanish) Sergio Zamora / (Latin) Ricky Martin

Who played smeagle?

Smeagle was played by Gollum's voice actor Andy Serkis.

Who played natsu in fairy tail?

The Japanese voice actor for Natsu is Tetsuya Kakihara. The voice actor behind the English dub is Todd Haberkorn.

Is a Voice Actor a type of actor?

A voice a actor is a a sort of actor but a singer

Who was the actor who played garfeilds voice in the garfeild movie?

it is bill Murray

What actor played the voice of Scuttle in little mermaid?

Buddy Hackett

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