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the voice is played by roger jackson he is a american voice actor but i dont know who is playing ghostface is thought is was billy loomis

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Q: What actor played ghostface in scream?
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What is the name of the actor that plays Scream in Scream?

The Ghostface Killer in Scream 1 was played by Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard.

Who played thomas gabriel in die hard 4?

Timothy Olyphant (the actor who you may know as Ghostface from Scream 2).

Is scream a person?

no, ghostface is the killer. Scream is the movie

When did the character Ghostface first appear?

The character Ghostface first appeared in the movie called Scream. Scream was a horror film that featured this man in robes with a Ghostface. Quickly Ghostface became very popular.

How many movies is ghostface in?

4 scream scream 2 scream 3 scream 4 ps. if you want to include scary movie since ghostface is in it, then thats fine with me.

Who is the protagonist in the scream movies?


What is the name of the villain in scream movies?


Is the ghostface from Scream real?

Uh...the ghostface costume is available at any costume or Halloween store.If you are asking whether the Scream movies are based on true, they are not. They are fiction.

What was his name in the movie scream?

There were many male persons in the movie Scream.The character of the killer is The Ghostface Killer, or Mr. Ghostface.

Is scream a serial killer?

The killer in Scream is known as Ghostface. In the movie he is a serial killer, but he is a fictional character.

How tall is ghostface from the scream movies?

His/her height varies depending on who the killer is at the time.

Why is there a new ghostface in every scream movie?

Because the killer is always found out and killed in the movie preceding each sequel. Therefor Ghostface has to have a new killer or killers behind the mask, or there would be no Ghostface.

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