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Q: What L is a song to make children to sleep?
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Where can i hear rev cl franklin's mother loves her children?

Where can one hear Rev. C. L. Franklin's song " Your Mother Loves Her Children

What song has the initials b b l l?

There are a lot of songs that have the initials b. b .l .l. It could be a rap song, hip hop song, country song, jazz song, rock song or a gospel song.

What is the Christmas song with initials l j s s?

Little Jesus Sweetly Sleep is based on a Czech carol. It was translated to English by Percy Dearmer. The song is also known as The Rocking Carol.

What has the author L L Rokhlin written?

L. L. Rokhlin has written: 'Sleep Hypnosis Dreams'

What has the author M L Van Vorst written?

M. L. Van Vorst has written: 'A Norse lullaby' -- subject(s): American poetry, Children's poetry, American, Juvenile poetry, Poetry, Sleep

How many children does L Frank Baum have?

L Frank Baum has 4 children

What has the author A M L Coenen written?

A. M. L. Coenen has written: 'De slaap' -- subject(s): Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Sleep, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Sleep, Sleep

A Christmas song with the missing letter L?

Noel... Noel... Get it (No L, No L)

Who wrote The Wizard of Oz in The great classics for children?

Just to make you happy, L. Frank Baum wrote it.

Is Tool's song Eulogy really about Bill Hicks?

Yes. There are 2 answers to this question. 1- This song is about L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of scientology, and 2- This song is about people who try to act like martyrs and also attempt to make decisions for others. Like L. Ron Hubbard.

What has the author T L Kryss written?

T. L. Kryss has written: 'Sleep like yellow thunder'

What is the wanteds new song?

Gold Forever, and it's an amazing song :L

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