Was the book hatchet made in a movie?

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Not under that name: Gary Paulsen's young adult novel Hatchet was adapted into the movie A Cry in the Wildin 1990. Why they abandoned the original title is anybody's guess.

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Q: Was the book hatchet made in a movie?
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Was the book Brian's winter made into a movie?

No only hatchet was made into a film.

Was there a movie for the book hatchet?

Hatchet was made into a TV movie in 1990 entitled A Cry In The Wild. There have been no big screen adaptations, as of 2010 at least.

What is the name of the movie from Gary Paulsen's book hatchet?


Is there a movie for the book Hatchet?


How old was Bryan in the movie hatchet?

Bryan Robesson was 13 in the book "Hatchet"

What is the movie to the book is hatchet?

"A cry in the wild" great movie!

Was the book The River by Gary Paulsen made into a movie?

No, but the book "Hatchet" was made into a movie called "A Cry in the Wild." River was a very compelling story, as well as Brian's Winter, and Transall Saga. We can only hope that someone makes a movie about all of these wonderful books. See the related link to learn more about the Hatchet movie.

Who made the book hatchet?

Gary Paulson

What is the movie about the boy and the plane crash and he must survive alone?

There is a book called Hatchet with that same plot, but I don't know if they made it into a movie or not... It is called "A Cry in the Wild"!

Where was the book hatchet published?

where was the book hatchet published

Is the book Brians Winter by Gary Paulsen a movie If not do you know any Gary Paulsen books that are movies?

No it is not a movie. The book hatchet was made into a movie though. It's called A Cry in the Wild. Check my youtube channel for the video (martingauba).

Is hatchet a fiction book?

yes hatchet is a fiction book

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