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No, James Stacy was.

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Q: Was James Keach in a motorcycle accident?
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What happened to James Keach in a motorcycle accident?

I think he became a double amputee. No, that is James Stacy, not James Keach.

Did James keach lose limb in a motorcycle wreck?

No, James Stacy did.

Did actor James Keach play in the movie National Lampoons Vacation?

He played "motorcycle cop".

When was James Keach born?

James Keach was born on December 7, 1947, in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Who is Jane symore married to?

James Keach

Which movie starred the most sets of siblings?

"The Long Riders" (1980) starred the following brothers: David Carradine Keith Carradine Robert Carradine James Keach Stacy Keach Kalen Keach (actually son of James Keach) Dennis Quaid Randy Quaid Christopher Guest Nicholas Guest

What are the details of Tom Griswold's motorcycle accident?

He did not break his arm in a motorcycle accident. Rather, he fell clumsily while playing with his newborn daughter. The motorcycle accident is a cover story.

Did Kevin Jonas have to go to the hospital?

yes when he got in a motorcycle accident he had to get stitches Since when did he get in a motorcycle accident??

When did Ben Roethlisberger have his motorcycle accident?

Ben Roethlisberger's motorcycle accident occurred on June 12, 2006.

You have no motorcycle license and you had an accident on the motorcycle will your insurance pay?

You can't claim insurance pay if you got accident instead of your license.

Which actors have died in car accidents?

James Dean.Jayne Mansfield (Marissa Hargitays mother)Ernie KovacDuane Allman (motorcycle accident)

What is a good lawsuit for motorcycle accidents?

It depends on the type of motorcycle accident that occurred.

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What happened to James Keach in a motorcycle accident?

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