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It is difficult to say what the most "famous" piece by any composer is, but the Symphonie Fantastique is a strong contender.

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Q: The most famous piece of music composed by Hector Berlioz was?
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What was the most famous piece of music composed by Hector Berlioz?

the Symphonie Fantastique

What did hector berlioz play?

Hector Berlioz did not play piano, but when he was 12 he started studing music.. and he leant to play the flute, flagaolet, and guitar.

What period of music does Hector Berlioz belong to?

you people didn't give me an answer

How was Hector berlioz composer music like?

who developed the concept of sacred groves

Music criticism was a source of income for both Hector Berlioz and?

Robert Schumann

What are Mozart Verdi and Berlioz famous for?


In what year was Hector Berlioz born in?

French romantic composer, Hector Berlioz, was born in the year 1803 on the 11th of December. In addition to being a composer, he was also very influential as a music critic.

Why is Hector Berlioz important?

Hector Berlioz, is equal of great significance as Ludwig van Beethoven in the classical music for the Romantic Period , where Ludwig van Beethoven paved the lane as the founder of Romantic Classical music in Germany and Austria, Hector Berlioz was the ancestor of Romantic Classical music in France. Also in the late Classic Period which was followed by the Romantic Period, he was the founder of the so called Programme Music, a style where the composer will lead the listener through a sort of made visual of a story told with instruments. More of the composers liked this sort of music, Ludwig van Beethoven composed 'Pastorale', Hector Berlioz his 'Symphonie Fantastique', and for example 'Kinderszenen' by Schumann. In that particular period Liszt composed the first so called 'symphonic poem' 'Dante Sonate' which was followed up by for example Smetena with his 'Ma Vlast' or 'the Moldau'. and Richard Strauss with 'Also sprach Zarathustra'. Ergo he was very important for the Classical Music.

Is classical music one of the music that Hector Berlioz write?

Berlioz wrote during the Romantic period and his music conforms to the norms of romantic music rather than classical. However, if you mean classical music as opposed to pop, the answer is yes.

When did Hector berlioz start playing music?

According to his autobiography, Memoires de Hector Berlioz, he started studying, composing and playing music (guitar and flute) at the age of twelve, which would have been about 1815. He began formally studying composition around 1823.

What has the author Ian Kemp written?

Ian Kemp has written: 'Hector Berlioz' 'Tippett, the composer and his music'

What classical music was played in sleeping with the enemy?

The classical music in the movie ''Sleeping with the Enemy" is the 5th Movement of "Symphonie Fantastique" by Hector Berlioz

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