Singers that sang the song Africa?

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= "Singers that sang the song Africa?" =

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Q: Singers that sang the song Africa?
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Who sang the 1984 Gospel song - Who do you say I am?

The Singers name was Stephanie Boosahda was the artist that sang the song Who do you say that I am? in 1984.

Who sang Africa?

Toto performed the song "Africa"

Who sang Smile?

The wonderful song "smile" was written by, and first sang by, Charlie Chaplin. Afterward countless singers have sang this song including Barbara Streisand.

Who sang the song Africa?

The group "Toto"

Who sang ending song in secretariat movie?

The Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day

Who sang the Power Rangers Turbo Theme Song?

Jeremy Sweet and Jim Cushinery are the singers who sung the Turbo Theme Song.

Who are the singers in lord of the ring?

Enya sang "May It Be" in Fellowship Emiliana Torrini sang "Gollum's Song" in Two Towers, and Annie Lennox sang "Into the West" in Return of the king :)

Which singer sang the song Africa for toto?

David Paich sang the verse lead, Bobby Kimball sang chorus lead.

Who sang the song ''Wuthering Heights''?

"Wuthering Heights' is originally a song written and sang by Kate Bush. She released the song in 1978, and since then, a number of singers have covered the song such as Elisa Toffoli, Hayley Westenra, The Decemberists and more recently Wolfmother.

Who sang the song California dreamin?

It was originally sung by The Momas and the Papas but covered many times by several singers.

Which singers have sang the green green grass of homeDid engelbert humperdinke sing this song?

Tom Jones in 1967

Who sang the song 'Again Again'?

The following are some singers who sang the song Again and Again; Doris Day, Mel Torme, and VIc Damone are the ones who released this song in 1949. In 1962 Vera Lyn had a newer version.

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