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I think that 13 year olds should NOT be able to watch R rated movies. R rated movies are for adults. If it is rated pg 13 or 13+ then sure go ahead and watch it but R rated movies are for adults 17+. :)

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2012-02-10 01:41:39
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Q: Should kids under the age of 13 be able to watch R rated movies?
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Can you watch rated R movies if you're under 18?

Yes. You have to be at least 17 to watch rated R movies.

Should kids be permitted watch pg13 and r - rated movies?

maybe some not that Villante movies like Spiderman homecoming but not r rated movies . kids' under 9 or 10 can watch some

Why kids should watch PG-13 and R rated movies?

kids should watch rated pg13 and rated r movies if it can actually happen and if it can then they should watch it to know wats out there because the world can be a scary place

Who can watch rated movies?

Well... everyone can watch rated movies.

Can childrens watch movies rated PG13?

My answer for pg13 movies is 4 the kids 12 & under.

Why kids should not be able to watch PG-13 movies?

Kids under 13 should not watch PG-13 movies because they were rated for children over 13 because they have somethimg inappropriate for younger children in it!

How old should your kids be to watch R rated movies?

Everyone will have their own opinion of how old kids should be to watch R rated movies. In order to be admitted to theaters showing R rated movies, kids have to be 17. Parents, of course, can determine if their child can watch them at a younger age at home.

What about if you have a letter from your guardians can you watch r rated movies?

No, they have to attend with you if you're under 17.

Should teens under 13 be able to watch r rated movies?

Only if the parents are watching with them. Because they are going to see those movies anyways so better they watch it with you than watching it on the low with their friends.

Why do kids have to be 17 to watch a rated r movie?

Because rated r movies are too inappropriate or scary/violent for kids under 17 to watch.

Are kids advised to watch movies like Seed of Chucky?

Of course not. They're rated R so no one under 18 should be seeing them.

Why movies should not be rated?

Movies should not be rated because every person has their own tatse and likes and dislikes. And if they wanna see i movie that needs id but they don't have it because they are under age but their parents let them see it they leave disappointed. Soon kids will start learning that they don't have to watch movies at all. Then movie theters will go out of buissiness cause kids encourage the parents to go. Movies should not be rated because some of the ratings are unfair and not nice. That is why movies should not be rated. Thank you!$

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