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Q: Lully's French overture always began
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Lullys French overture always began?


Which Classic genre began as an opera overture?

The classic genre of romantic concert overture began as an opera overture. Composers like Beethoven called the instrumental parts such as a symphonic poem by the term overture.

Which year did french revolution began?

The French Revolution began 14th July 1789

What month did the French and Indian War began?

the french and Indian war began on 1753 and ends on 1763

What form of government was there when the french revolution began?

France was an ABSOLUTE MONARCHY when the French Revolution of 1789 began.

What was the main cause of the French and Indian War?

The main cause of the French and Indian War because the colonists wanted Parliament to remove the French from North America. The answer given by the Parliament was always no, therefor a war began.

French Revolution began and ended in?

It began in 1789 and ended in 1799.

What did the french mainly obtain through trade with the Indians?

The French trappers began trade with Northeastern tribes for furs and many began to live in villages with them and marry the women. When the French and Indian war began many tribes were working with the French to defeat the British. The French weren't always friends with Native Americans and in some cases made them slaves and killed whole tribes. They would also raid camps killing everyone and taking women for sex slaves.

What is the spark of the French Revolution?

The French Revolution began with the storming of the Bastille.

Who did french colonists began trading with?


When did the French and Indian War began?


What began with the storming of the Bastille?

The French Revolution

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