Is the series Hannah Montana over?

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2010-06-20 15:07:26

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Yes the shows of Hannah Montana are over

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2010-06-20 15:07:26
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Q: Is the series Hannah Montana over?
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When is Hannah Montana the show over?

HANNAH MONTANA is not over, there is another series about how she copes with being 'normal' starting on 6th may 2011:)

Is Hannah Montana over?

No, Hannah Montana is not over, this Friday (6th may 2011) there is the start of a new series about how she copes with not being 'normal' :)

When is Hannah Montana getting cancelled?

It doesn't get cancelled...the series is just over.

What episode in Hannah Montana does Jessie find out about Hannah Montana?

Jesse finds out that miley is Hannah in I'll always remmeber you in the 4th series of Hannah Montana (Hannah Montana forever)

Will there be more Hannah Montana shows?

No Hannah Montana, and Hannah Montana Forever are both over.

Do Hannah Montana is nice?

Hannah Montana is potrayed nicely on the hit Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana is played by the actress and singer Miley Cyrus.

Who plays Hannah Montana's mom on the series?

what series

Hannah Montana series how many?

there will be the 4th series

Why does Hannah Montana put on a fake hair?

Cause when she did the Hannah Montana series everybody knew her that way and she became famous from Hannah Montana

Is Hannah Montana cancelled for 2009?

The Hannah Montana series is rolling and very much alive.

Which actress played Miley Stewart in the TV series Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus played both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana throughout all four seasons of Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana Forever, as well as the film, Hannah Montana: The Movie. The series ended in January 2011.

How was Hannah Montana's secret out?

In the Hannah Montana movie she revealed her identity on stage! This is how people knew she was Hannah Montana, but in the ordinary series, Hannah is stil la secret :)

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