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No, it was made up.

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2011-09-30 19:53:24
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Q: Is the movie evil things based on a true story?
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Is the movie the evil dead is it based on a true story?

No. NO. NO!

Is the movie evil things a true story?

Yes it is. They find proof and evidence. They found the tape.

What movie has the evil semi truck?

Maximum Overdrive (1986), based on the Stephen King short story "Trucks"

Is Resident Evil Degeneration part of the movie series?

If you mean the series with Milla Jovovich then no. It's based off the story of the video games

In which movie did Julia Roberts play a witch?

Julia Roberts played the part of an evil witch in the movie, Mirror Mirror, from 2012. The movie was based on the story, 'Snow White,' by the Brothers Grimm.

Is Resident Evil 4 movie going to be made?

They are planning a new movie called Resident Evil: Afterlife If your asking if there making a movie after the game Resident Evil 4 then no. The new movie will be continuing the movie story and have nothing to do with the games.

What movie has the word Evil in title and was based in New York about a murder?

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997)? Maybe?

What is the movie called that corresponds to the 'Resident Evil 4' video game?

Apparently, Resident Evil Extinction was supposed to be based on Resident Evil 4 but it didn't turn out that way. So, prehaps Resident Evil Afterlife will be based on Resident Evil 4. Who knows.

What is the climax of the story of The possibility of Evil?

Writes letters based on issues and problems withing the townspeople.

When was Story of Evil created?

Story of Evil was created in 2009.

Which movie is Resident Evil 2?

In the movie industry, Resident evil 2 would be considered Resident Evil Apocalypse. Although, Apocalypse is also based on RE 3 considering of Nemesis, Jill, Carlos and the blowing up of Raccoon.

Who was the main person in the movie Clash of the Titans?

Perceus, because the story is about him battling against the evil Gods.

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