Is the band amon amarth satanic?

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Some of their earlier material seems to be a little anti-Christian, but not enough for them to be "satanic". Those themes are VERY scarse though.

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Q: Is the band amon amarth satanic?
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When was Amon Amarth created?

Amon Amarth was created in 1992.

Who sang with amon amarth?

Johann Hegg has and is currently the vocalist for Amon Amarth

Where do amon amarth come from?


Who is the singer of Amon Amarth?

Johan Hegg.

Amon Amarth has put out how many albums?

Amon Amarth is a melodic deathmetal band. It has put out many albums till now. Some of the notable ones from them are Once Sent from the Golden Hall, Fate of Norns, etc. In total, it has published near about 30-35 albums.

What is the nickname of the followers of Amon Amarth?

fans is the nick name

Is Amon Amarth the best band ever?

They're certainly amazing...A best band ever though, doesn't exist. Everyone has a different opinion, it's subjective.

What are some rock or metal songs with poetic devices?

amon amarth

Who sang with Amon Amarth as back up in Guardians of Asgaard?

LG Petrov.

Is amon amarth viking?

Amon Amarth is from Sweden, and the Vikings were heavily populated there in the late 8th century. To answer your question, they greatly admire the Vikings and all Pagan beliefs, but are not full blooded Vikings. However this is not to say they do not try to live like them or are not descended from them, but the acts that Vikings pursued are frowned upon and usually illegal in most countries. So no, Amon Amarth is Viking-themed, but not completely Viking.

Who is Amon Amarth?

AMON ROMAIN GOES TO MELROSE HE IS GAY HE LIKES BOYS. I know amon.! IN Harrisburg.? Yea I kow him. Yo if he knew yhu wrote this he would get mad.! Who is this anyway.?

What is the other name for Mount Doom?

Orodruin, "Fiery Mountain." or (rarely) Amon Amarth, "Mountain of Fate"

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