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yes joe Jackson is Michael Jackson's father

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:28:43
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Q: Is joe Jackson related to Michael Jackson?
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Is joe Jackson Michael Jackson's step father?

No, Joe is Michael's biological father.

Who was Michael Jackson's father?

Michael Jackson's father was Joe Jackson

Was Michael Jackson related to Mahala Jackson?

No, Michael Jackson was not related to Mahalia Jackson.

Is Ski Jackson related to Michael Jackson?

no ski jackson is not related to michael jackson.

Is joe Jackson Michael Jackson's stepdad?

Joe Jackson is Michaels biological father.

Who is Michael Jackson dad joe Jackson girlfriend?

Joe Jackson does not have any girlfriend.

Was Michael Jackson abused by his father?

Michael Jackson said his father Joe used to beat him. Joe Jackson has always denied this.

Did Michael Jackson file for emancipation from his fathr Joe Jackson?

Michael Jackson did not file for emancipation because Joe beat him as a child

Is samual Jackson Michael Jackson related?

no. Not the Samual Jackson that you may be thinking of. But Michael's dad-Joe had a father by the name of Samual Jackson. The Samual Jackson related to Michael was not famous though. But there is a video on youtube someone made to show that Prince Jackson is Michael's son and they include and old photograph of Samual, and it's scary how much he and Prince look alike!

What did Joe Jackson do to Michael Jackson?

Joe abused him when he was a child. Hitting him, whipping him with his belt. But Joe also did start the Jackson 5. Michael did not have a good relationship with his father

Who is Michael Jackson's father?

Joseph (Joe) Jackson

Who is Michael Jackson's father?

Joseph (Joe) Jackson

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