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Ironman is instructable unlike batman and blows stuff up so yes hes better.

I would argue that since Iron-Man is considered a super-hero and loved by the public, he is the "better" one of the two. However, since Batman is not loved by the people, yet still attempts at protecting them, we can infer that he has a more complex personality and state of mind. This depth in character may serve as Batman's defining quality, and may also raise the question of whether or not Batman is completely sane. Thus, my vote is for Batman.

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Q: Is ironman better than batman
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Chuck Norris is better than ironman so bats would whupp tinmans butt ironman is a loser not even in the questions league

Which game is better batman arkham or ironman?

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Can batman beat ironman?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Batman might have a bulletproof chest plate, but Ironman has repulser technology, and is completely damage-proof (almost). Batman might throw a few 'batarangs', but Ironman can shoot him with poisoned darts by just saying three words. Batman can glide, but Ironman can fly into the stratosphere and higher! Ironman would beat Batman with both hands tied behind his back.

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Ironman vs Batman?

Well as they are both great fighters I have to go with Ironman. Reason being is Iron has ton more suits, money, and resources. If you also notice Ironman's suit has a lot more durability. So Ironman wins this fight.

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Yes batman is better than transfomers.

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Because Iron Man is better than batman

What is a comic hero?

superman, spiderman, batman, ironman, wolvering.

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