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well, in the episode "truth or square" the gang was talking about memories. and spongebob says, "remember the time sandy and I got married" and everybody is surprised. in the flashback,it turns out to just be a play.

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Q: Is SpongeBob and sandy was getting married?
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What color will SpongeBob and sandy wedding be?

SpongeBob and Sandy aren't getting married

What is the episode of SpongeBob was getting married to sandy?

first of all spongebob and sandy were not getting married there were doing a play that spongebob remembered.second of all its spongebob truth or square.

Who does SpongeBob get married to?

He married Sandy.

Is spongebob and sandy in love?

No Sandy and Sponge Bob Square pants are not in love

When will SpongeBob get married?

Spongebob and Sandy already got married.

When did SpongeBob and sandy get married?

They didnt...

Does SpongeBob and sandy get married?

No its a play

Who does SpongeBob have a crush on?

In the episode "Truth or Square" it showed Spongebob married to Sandy, so Sandy.

Is SpongeBob married'?

Yes. He is married to Sandy Cheeks.

Are SpongeBob and sandy getting married?

In an upcoming TV movie, truth or square, commercial showed spongebob and sandy getting married but its not sure yet if its for real or just a play like in the book, good times dragonpi's answer: YES on youtube.on the legospongebob show ep.7 spongebob and sandy get married and have a baby named is made by spartenkiller897. copy this link : to watch that video.

Who Has More Dates With SpongeBob Pearl Or Sandy?

That Would Be Pearl, Remember That Time Where Spongebob And Pearl Were On The Prom. Sandy Does Not Have Any Dates With Spongebob And The Wedding Of Spongebob And Sandy Was Just A Play, They Were Not Really Married. Although Still, Pearl Saved Sandy's Life.

What is the name of the episode of SpongeBob squarepants that SpongeBob gets married?

SpongeBob SquarePants gets married to Sandy Cheeks in the episode called Truth or Square.

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