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it is Miley Cyrus, not Miley STEWART but, she not gay she just being herself!

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2011-02-14 17:30:13
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Q: Is Miley Stewart gay
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Is Kristen Stewart related to Miley Stewart?

No, Kristen Stewart is not related to Miley Stewart because Miley Stewart isn't even a real person. And, if you are wondering about if Miley Cyrus, the person who plays Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana is related to Kristen Stewart, then no.

When was Miley Stewart created?

Miley Stewart was created in 2006.

What school does Miley Stewart go to?

my opinion is that miley stewart is homeschooled

What was Miley Stewart's name before Miley Cyrus was casted?

it was Chloe Stewart!!

What is Miley Stewart's favorite color?

Miley Stewart's favorite color is purple.

Who is Miley Stewart's godmother?

miley Stewart (character) and Miley Cyrus's god mother is dolly partondolly parton

On the show how many best friends does Miley Stewart have?

miley Stewart has no friends, obviously because she's miley Stewart.duhr.

What was the original name for miley Stewart in Hannah Montana?

It was originaly Zoe Stewart which then changed to Chloe Stewart which eventually ended up as Miley. It was originaly Zoe Stewart which then changed to Chloe Stewart which eventually ended up as Miley.

Was Miley Stewarts name going to be Chloe Stewart?

Yes they thought that Miley has so many names (Chloe, Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana) so instead of Chloe Stewart it was Miley Stewart.

What is miley Stewart's address?

miley stewart's address on tv is 411 Destiny Lane Malibu, CA

Who was Miley Stewart's mother?

Miley Stewart's mum is played by Brooke Shields ! Hope this helps ! She is only with in some episodes, when Miley dream.

If Miley plays Luann Stewart in Hannah Montana why does it say Mia Cyrus plays Luann Stewart?

It doesn't. Miley Cyrus is credited with playing Luann Stewart, as well as her usual roles of Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana.

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