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Yes, Johnny was married to his second wife, Grace Mastrangelo, for nearly 25 years when he passed away in 2010.

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Q: Is Johnny Maestro of the Brooklyn Bridge married?
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Who has replaced johnny maestro of the Brooklyn bridge?

No one can ever replace Johnny Maestro. However the Brooklyn Bridge has added a new singer the group. His name is Roy Michaels. He is a great singer and performer and a wonderful addition to the group, who must go on performing the wonderful music of Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge. DIANE MOORE a fan for life RIP JOHNNY MAESTRO gone but Never forgotten Since late 2013, the new lead singer for The Brooklyn Bridge is Joe Esposito.

Is johnny maestro very ill?

Yes, Johnny is currently battling liver cancer it can be confirmed at the Brooklyn Bridge's website. Johnny Maestro died on March 24, 2010 at his home in Florida.

How old is Johnny Maestro?

US singer Johnny Maestro (of The Brooklyn Bridge) was born John Mastrangelo on May 7, 1939 and died on March 24, 2010. Johnny Maestro would have been 70 years old at the time of his death.

How old is Johnny Maestro lead singer of the group The Brooklyn Bridge?

Johnny Maestro was born on May 7, 1939; Calculate that date to the time you are reading this answer today. For example, the date of this question's first answer is October 25, 2009; On this date, he is roughly 70 years old.

Do you have any idea what happened to Eddie Liscandro who used to be with Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge?

I read that Ed developed cancer and stopped performing, except for something big, like the Long Island Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge were inducted in October 2006 (past and current members).

When did Johnny Maestro record O Holy Night?

Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge recorded "O Holy Night" in 1988, and the song, along with three others, appeared on an EP (Extended Play) CD in 1989 titled "Christmas Is...".

How many years was johnny maestro married to first wife?


How many times was Johnny Maestro married?

Johnny Maestro was married to his second wife, Grace Mastrangelo, for nearly 25 years when he passed away in 2010. His first wife was Alma Jean Degler.

Who sang sixteen candles?

It was Johnny Maestro when he sang with the Crest as lead singer in the late 50's later on he developed a group in the sixties called Brooklyn Bridge. Go to YouTube and put the Johnny Maestro singing sixteen candles and you'll see a clip of it. Plus you can hear other songs by him that you might remember hearing.

What movie and television projects has Johnny Maestro been in?

Johnny Maestro has: Played himself in "Bandstand" in 1952. Played Brooklyn Bridge Leader in "The Daredevil" in 1972. Played Black Boys in "Hair" in 1979. Played himself in "Doo Wop 50" in 1999. Played Himself - Host in "Doo Wop Cavalcade: The Definitive Anthology" in 2005.

When was Johnny Maestro born?

Johnny Maestro was born on May 7, 1939.

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