Is Joe Jonas nice

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2009-06-02 17:43:53

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Yeah! And Taylor broke up with him! Joe is telling the truth!

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2009-06-02 17:43:53
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Q: Is Joe Jonas nice
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Would Joe Jonas go out with fans?

Joe Jonas will only go out with sweet and nice girls like Demi Lovato. HAHA!!! RIGHT!!

What type of girl is Joe Jonas interested in?

joe Jonas is interested in girls that are nice and friendly and that know how to laugh and that are outgoing. This is true they asked him on an interview.

What is Joe Jonas?

he is a singer in a band called JONAS (with brothers) he is also in a show (with his brothers Nick, and Kevin) called JONAS LA. Joe was born on August 15, 1989. he is funny, nice and an amazing actor he has a nice mom and dad next to his 3 brothers Frankie, Nick and Kevin. that is who Joe Jonas is.

Do you need to be famous to date Joe Jonas?

No! Of course not! Joe Jonas is a sensible guy and would not expect much of you except you need to be a nice and caring girl.

Is Jonas nice?

Yeah! And Taylor broke up with him! Joe is telling the truth!

I hate the Jonas Brothers but dreamed of Joe who turned out to be funny and nice so what does this mean?

It means that you actually might like Joe, but not the others. And Joe is funny and nice, trust me, I've met him.

Does Joe Jonas treat his fans nicely?

Joe Jonas is the nicest person ever! he treats fans so nice! he is very patient and understanding. I LOVE him! i would love to meet him again. the answer is YES he is so nice to fans!

Does Joe Jonas like spanish girls?

well it depends if they r nice and cute or not

Do the Joe Jonas ever go on AIM?

not alot there on a dayley basis but he's nice

Does Joe Jonas have a weemee?

joe is joe Jonas nick is nick Jonas Kevin is Kevin Jonas

Who is taller nivk Jonas or Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas

Who is prettier Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas?

joe jonas

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