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No, his full name is Harry Edward Styles.

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Q: Is Harry Styles full name Harold Edward Milward Styles?
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Related questions

What is Harry Styles actual name?

Harry Edward Milward Styles

Why is harry styles dads last name milward and not styles?

harry's dad's last name is styles, but his parents got divorced and harry's mom married a man with the last name milward. hence harry's full name...harold edward milward styles.

What is Harry Styles's full name?

Harry Edward Milward Stylesfebruary 1st Harry Edward Styles

What is harry styles middle name out 1d?

It is Harry Edward Milward. His real name is Milward.

What is the full name of harry styles?

Harry Edward Milward Styles is Harry's full name. His mother changed her name when she married Harry's step father. But his full name is Harry Edward Milward Styles. :)

What is Harry Styles' full name?

Harry Edward Styles born in Bromsgrove West Midlands. It's on his birth record and his mum confirmed it.his birthday is Feburary 1st 1994. He was NOT born in Holmes Chapel, as he's said a number of times, he moved there when he was older.

How many middle names does harry styleshave?

only one, Edward, Harry Edward Milward (Styles)

Does harry stlyes have a middle name?

*Styles Yes, it is Edward. His real name is Harry Edward Milward and he uses 'Harry Styles' as a stage name.

What harry styles full name off the one direction?

Harry Edward Milward.

Is Harry Styles a stage name?

Yes, His Real Name Is Harry Edward Milward

What is the real name of Harry Styles?

Harry Styles real name is Harold Edward Styles ^ It's not Harold at all, It's Harry Edward Styles.

What is the last name of Harry from one direction?

His full name is Harry Edward Milward Styles.

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