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Brock Edward Lesnar left the WWE for about 8 years to pursue other projects, but he's back now. Lesnar returned to the WWE in April of 2012.

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2014-08-28 00:54:44
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Q: Is Brock Lesnar ever coming back to the WWE?
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Will brock lesnar ever come back to WWE?

There will always be a possibility but its unlikely that he will.

Will undertaker defeat brock lesnar?

It is unlikely that Brock Lesnar will ever return to wrestling. ^^previous answer. haha thats great seeing as he just came back a week ago.

Did frank Mir ever defeated Brock lesnar?

Yes, in Lesnar's first fight with the company.

Has brock lesnar ever taken steriods?

no he is all natural

Has batista ever beat brock lesnar?

yes. in ohio wrestling

Did Brock Lesnar win the World Heavyweight Championship?

When was this asked? Brock is gone! He talked to Vince about returning, but has since, changed his mind, he isn't coming back for a very longtime, if ever. If you're talking about New Japan Lesnar's Debut, yes he won the title Brock Lesnar has held the following recognized World Championship ; IWGP Heavyweight Title(Japan), WWE Championship(3 times), and is also the current UFC Heavyweight Champion.

When will brock lesnar return?

If you mean to wwe then it is unlikely it will ever happen.If you mean back to ufc then he will have returned by the end of october 2010.

Did Bobby Lashley ever face Brock Lesnar in the WWE?

They wrestled at different times. Bobby Lashley is in MMA and Brock Lesnar is in UFC which are to different shows but the same fighting.

Will Zydrunas Savickas ever come to the WWE to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania?

yes he will

Will brock lesnar ever challenge 2014 world's strongest man zydrunas savickas?

yes he will

Who is the youngest world heavyweight champion ever?

Brock Lesnar won the world heavyweight championship at the age of 24

Is it a possibility for Brock Lesnar to return to WWE?

i dont think he would wwe is a staged show and UFC is the real thing so i dont think he will ever come back

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