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Yes. I suppose. Wreck it Ralph is not stronger than Batman. Batman is stronger but Ralph is smarter and faster. Batman's gadgets do not exist in Batman vs Wreck it Ralph. Why? Technology will not help Batman. Wreck it Ralph is smarter. He'd win in the fight of Batman though.

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Q: Is Batman stronger than Wreck-It Ralph?
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Is Batman stronger than Astro Boy?

Definitely, Batman is stronger than Astro Boy.

Is Catwoman stronger than Batman?

Catwoman is not stronger than Batman, however she is far more agile than him.

Is FJ stronger than Wreck-It Ralph?

Well, yes! FJ is my stuffed polar bear. FJ is better than Wreck it Ralph. He is smarter than Wreck it Ralph. Nobody is stronger than him. My dad and FJ have the same strength. But Ralph is sure stronger than me. FJ is stronger than a character in Wreck it Ralph. -Michael Anderson

Is Gissy stronger than Batman?

Yes. Gissy has super strength. He's smarter than Batman. Gissy is a hero. He helps Batman finish Joker's big guys. Gissy is stronger than Galactus. Stronger than everyone except Hulk. He is Gotham's savior. So is Batman.

Is Batman stronger than Shredder?

Shredder is stronger but Batman is smarter. Shredder cannot cut Batman's head off. How could Batman possibly win? Batman has to throw a freeze blast to win Shredder. Depends on who's team Batman's on. No. Batman ain't stronger than Shredder is. Shredder will definitely lose.

Is Batman stronger than Joker?


Who is stronger batman or greenlantern?

Batman is stronger, since Batman thinks better, makes better plans and is faster and stealthier than Green Lantern.

Is Wreck-It Ralph stronger than Bane?

If I chose one, I'd rather say that Ralph is stronger.

Is Superman cooler than Batman?

batman is more intense and awesome but superman is stronger

Why isn't the Power Ranger 'Maskman' stronger than Batman?

Batman has more supernatural powers than Maskman, making him stronger. Also Batman has a tougher suit or costume which makes it harder for him to be injured.

Is the hulk stronger than batmaN?

Yes. Batman has no superhuman abilities. The Hulk's primary super power is strength, which appears to have no real upper bound. By definition, The Hulk is stronger than Batman. A much more interesting question is whether or not The Hulk is stronger than Superman.

Is Batman stronger than Galactus?

No. Hulk is stronger than everyone. Wherever Hulk goes, he's the strongest. Batman is smarter than Galactus and Joker. In the world competition beholders, Galactus lost in every fight with Batman.

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