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Yes she is but shes hiding so no one knows her she is

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2017-11-02 05:51:44
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Q: Is Alison still alive in Pretty Little Liars?
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Was Alison alive in Pretty Little Liars?

In the book she was alive in the show we don't know yet!

Why does Alison become A in Pretty Little Liars?

Because the Pretty Little Liars weren't actually her friends. Courtney, (Alison's twin sister) made friends with them. Alison had nothing to do with them. So she's mad and tries to kill them.Allison is still alive. But she is not A, Jenna is.

How is Alison from Pretty Little Liars still alive if they found her body?

Because Allison has a twin sister.

Is Alison still alive in the Pretty Little Liars TV series?

No, her body is found dead in her bedroom

Does Mona know that Alison is alive in Pretty Little Liars?

no Mona only knows that the girls have something to hide so she will find out soon in the new season of Pretty Little Liars in January

Is alison in pretty little liars alive or dead?

Guess you gotta keep watching to find out or find out a different way.

Is the real Alison alive at the end of Pretty Little Liars?

the real Allison dies after being bured in a fire in the house

Is Alison from Petty little liars alive?

As of Season 4, Episode 24, Alison D. is still alive.

Who is playing Alison in Pretty Little Liars?

Ali's twin sister, Courtney was pretending 2 be her so now she knows all of the Pretty Little Liars secrets but she is died now because Alison killed her and Alison is still alive stalking down her friends because she thinks it's funny.

Is A alive in Pretty Little Liars?

'A' in Pretty Little Liars is alive at the moment in the show but later gets killed by Spencer.

Is Alison alive off of Pretty Little Liars?

The real Alison? YES! Alison has a twin named Courtney. Courtney is jealous of Ali, pretends to be her, and befriends the liars all while Ali is in a mental hospital. Real Alison finds out and kills Courtney!

Why is Ali still alive in Pretty Little Liars?

alison isn't alive she really is dead, the author wonts u to think that she is sill alive but she really is dead

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