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The country that a gamelan orchestra is most commonly found in is Indonesia. The orchestra is made up for the most part of percussion instruments.

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Q: In which country is a gamelan orchestra most commonly found?
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In what country is a gamelan orchestra most commonly found?

The Answer to that question being that my wife is originally from there and I've seen them countless times is.... Indonesia. There are many different varieties of Gamelan orchestra's based on which island of Indonesia you are on. These different styles change based on the local Culture. For Example, there are Balinese Gamelan Orchestra's (from the island of Bali) which may be tuned to a different Tambre than a Javanese Gamelan Orchestra (obviously coming from the Island of Java). The Music also changes with the local Culture as far as rhythmic diversity. Best way to understand this music is to continuously listen to it and not be confused by the avant-guarde tuning system used by the Indonesians. It's based on a tonal system uncomparable to western 440 Tuning. Very beautiful music though.

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The gamelan is a large instrument that is similar to a xylophone. It is traditional instrument found in Bali or Java.

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