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Square Dancing

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Q: In what type of dancing does a cuer out moves?
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In what type of dancing does a cuer call out moves?

Square Dancing

Is dancing easy or hard to do?

It depends on the type of dance, and the level/difficulty. My daughter has been dancing since she was four and as she moves up the dances get harder.

How can you get the dancing rocking move?

by dancing your rocking moves with FEELINGS

What is the weakness of fire-ground type Pokemon?

WaterWater type moves, Ice type moves, Grass type moves.

How do you do sweet moves?

By having mad dancing skills

What are the basic moves of Tektonik dancing?

Tektonik dancing is fast becoming a popular style of dancing. Basic moves include parts of disco and hip-hop styles. One can easily find examples on YouTube.

Where can one find pole dancing moves?

People can watch pole dancing moves on several video websites like Youtube, Dailymotion and Metacafe. They can also visit the WikiHow page to learn pole dancing.

What does a choreographer do?

The one for dancing sets up routines for dance moves. You can choreograph any type of exercise. The Dallas cheerleaders have a choreographer for their routines.

In the sea What is a spanish dancer?

well, a spanish dancer is a type of fish. it is called the spanish dancer because when it moves it looks like it is "dancing".

What are three different street dance moves?

name three street dancing moves and explain them

What is super effective against ice type Pokemon?

Rock type moves, Fighting type moves, Steel type moves, Fire type moves.

Who picks the dance on dancing with the stars?

The people who them with the dance moves

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