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he calls him fat

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Yes, it does


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Q: In Lord of the Flies how does Ralph first react to Piggy?
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How does Ralph react when piggy tells him his nickname?

Ralph humiliates Piggy by laughing at him.

How did Ralph react when he saw Piggy die?

he was devistated but content

How did Ralph and Piggy react to the crash?

Piggy is scared out of his mind at the fact that there is no adults, and Ralph took charge and gathered everyone, showing he was calm and taking leadership.

In Lord of the Flies how do the hunters react to Ralph's angry tirade?

After Ralph's angry tirade, the hunters begin to bully Piggy to make themselves feel more powerful and important. ChaCha again!

How does Ralph react to Piggy's idea to make a sundial?

Ralph ridicules it as pointless by saying "yes and then we could build a radio and a televison." When Piggy explains that all you need is a stick to make a sundial Ralph tells Piggy to, "Shut up."

How does Jack react to Piggy's death in Lord of the Flies?

he was rather happy that Ralph`s tribe was no more now. "See? See? That`s what you`ll get! I meant that!"

How does Jack react when Piggy and Ralph enter his camp in Lord of the Flies chapter 9?

Initially when Jack first became aware that Ralph and Piggy have arrived he just stared at them. However when one of the boys accidentally bumped into Piggy and burned him with a piece of hot meat, Piggy yelled and jumped around. Everyone laughed and it broke the tension. Jack then stood up, motioned with his spear and ordered "Take them some meat."

In lord of the flies how do the boy react to piggy?

Huh ! They feels that he is an outsider !

How do the boys react to Piggy in Goldings novel?

The boys think Piggy is a fat geek and they want nothing to do with him. Ralph, however, eventually becomes his friend.

What does Ralph say to piggys remark that they were scared?

Why does piggy suggest that they let the signal forego out at night and relight it every morning? How does Ralph react?

How does Ralph react to his hunt in lord of the flies?

In chapter 7, Ralph partakes of his first hunt. The boys encounter a boar and Ralph hits it with his spear but does not kill or even stop the pig. Ralph is exhilarated that he hit the pig...

How does jack first react to piggy?

Jack reacts scared, shocked.

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