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You ask someone to write them or if you can you write them on your own.

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2009-05-18 15:32:55
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Q: If you have a song tune but no lyrics how do you find the lyrics?
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How do you find name of song without lyrics?

By hearing the tune of the song..

You have song lyrics and a tune but no artist how or where can you find out who sings a certain song?

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Where can one find the lyrics for the song When I Met You?

If somebody is looking for the lyrics to the APO Hiking Society tune "When I Met You", there are websites such as Metro Lyrics, Lyrics Mode, and Lyrics Freak.

Where can one find the lyrics of the song 'You Think You Can Dance'?

There does not appear to be a song titled 'You Think You Can Dance" but there are a number of songs that were featured on the television program by that name. One can find the songs on site such as Tune Find and lyrics to the songs can be found on sites such as Metro Lyrics or Lyrics Freak.

How do you write a song with lyrics?

You get a tune and put words to it

What are the lyrics to the grammar song about the parts of speech sung to the tune of Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music?

I don't know the answer to THIS particular question, but I have a song about the parts of speech to the tune of "On Top of Ol' Smokey." You can find the lyrics on my website

What is the tune of the children's song Punchinello?

You can download the tune at

Where can you find the lyrics to the song Say Hello by Deep Dish?

There are a number of places to search for song lyrics online and Say Hello by Deep Dish is one that can be found among them. Sites such as metro lyrics, song meanings, lyrics and elyrics all have versions of this tune.

How do you tune a song?

When you are randomly getting the lyrics into your head then sing it in different tunes until you find the right. First decide if the tune should go slow or fast.

How do you find a song when you dont know the lyrics?

Unfortunately its not possible, unless you choose to ask one of your friends or a family member by humming out the tune to them to see if they know the song you are talking about. What I do when I forget lyrics is either listen out for it on the radio or something else, or I hum the tune to myself until I remember the lyrics. Hope that helps!

What makes a Christmas song good?

Good lyrics and a catchy tune.

Where can you find lyrics for the song Write This Down?

One can find lyrics for the song "Write This Down" online at various websites. One can find lyrics for the song "Write This Down" at A-Z Lyrics and Cowboy Song Lyrics.

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