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Jonas brothers, did not write Year 3000. They bought it or something like that off of the people who really did write it.

The band that preformed Year 3000 before them was called BUSTED. They broke up in 2006 I think, somewhere around then. Whether it was them who wrote Year 3000 I'm not entirely sure, but they broke up because the lead singer Charlie wanted to be seen as more than just a pretty face. One of them, Matt Willis, was able to make a career of his own, but no one's herd about him for a while. I think he's quite big in the US.

Along with taking the song, the Jonas Brothers changed some of the words to make it less dirty, you can compare the two on YouTube.

WOOHOO BUSTED RULZ=D. And yes jonas brothers screened the song so it has no bad words in it.>=(

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Q: How old were the Jonas brothers when they wrote year 3000?
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