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You should probably be 12 to babysitt.

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Q: How old can you children be to watch other children?
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Can you watch Martha Speaks if you are 11 years old?

Sure why not? I watch Martha Speaks, Thomas and Friends, WordGirl, Curious George, Sesame Street, and several other PBS children's TV shows and I am 58. They are frequently much better than conventional network children's TV shows. If other kids tease you about it, that is their problem not yours!

What is a dee desi video?

it's a disgusting video of 4 children doing it with 2 old men, don't watch it.

How quickly do children learn to watch a video?

Children can watch a video from a very young age. Many toddlers watch videos aimed at young children to assist them in learning how basic animals, counting, words etc. Children do not need to learn how to watch a video, an adult simply has to set them up with something to watch and they will often watch it on their own.

Are children allowed to watch whatever they want on tv?

Not really because it has to be right for their age,for example if a 4 year old watches sex on TV that's not right for a 4 year old to watch.If the 4 year old watches educational TV that's ok because it's teaching the 4 year old things.14 Year olds are prob. allowed to watch whatever they want more than 4 year olds but they still should be careful what they watch on tv.It's for parents to decide when children are under 18 years old because alot of TV Shows can be addicting and it's not good to be addicted to the shows when children are in school.Because if children are addicted to their favorite TV Shows while they're in school,they could fail their schoolwork or flunk their quizzes.And alot of children hate homework more then watching TV and Movies,they'd rather have fun more than do homework.Children are prob.allowed to watch the old shows but prob. either one show a day or half an hour of TV but it would be best if they watch no TV during the school year and more TV during the summer that way they won't fail school.It would also be best if Children don't get the old TV Shows on DVD because that would be selfish and they're not allowed to have them at all.Children under 18 years old are not allowed to have the old TV Shows on DVD,they can watch them on TV but they're not allowed to have the DVDs.Children 18 years old and older are allowed to have the old TV Shows on DVD,they're also allowed to watch them on TV.Only Children 18 years old and older are allowed to have the old TV Shows on DVD that means no children or teenagers are allowed to have the old shows on DVD.

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