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Q: How much money does Justin Bieber donate to charity?
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How much money does Justin Bieber donate for charity each year?

HE DONATE 500dollars each week

Did Justin Bieber donate money to a hospital?

he's donated so much money to many charity's so that's why he made a song called 'pray'

How much money did Justin bieber donate to Haiti?

Justin Bieber donated 3 million dollars to Haiti.

Did Justin Bieber donate money to the wealthy?

No, Justin donates to Charitys like Pencils of Promise.

How much money does Justin Bieber give to the charity every year?


What did Justin Bieber do for Haiti?

he helped make a video asking for people to donate money.

Does Justin Bieber care bout poor people?

Being from the slumps, Justin cares extremely about poor people. He always donates money to charity and raises money for charity.

What can you do for the Homeless?

donate money to charity

Do you think Justin Bieber is friendly why or why not?

I think he is friendly because for his birthday he asked his fans to donate money for a charity, he also auctioned his hair & that money also went to charity, also Justin is always in touch with his fans, he never forgets about them. Justin also treats his little sister like a princess & he talks to his family a lot & I'm sorry if this is long, it could've been WAAAY longer <3

Is Justin Bieber in young money?

yes Justin bieber is in young money

How would one go about donating money to a charity?

One can donate money to any number of charities by phone, online or in their charity shops. One can can donate money or donate items such as clothing.

What charity did eminem donate money to?

Not yours

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