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since Survivor series 1990 21 years ago

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2011-11-11 00:02:11
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Q: How many years has the undertaker been wrestling in WWE?
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How many years has undertaker been wrestling for?

Mark Calaway started wrestling in 1984

Will anyone beat undertaker?

The Undertaker is a wrestler for the WWE organization. He has won an impressive thirty wrestling matches and is currently undefeated. Since he is undefeated after many years of wrestling, it may be awhile before anyone can beat The Undertaker.

How many years has wrestling been out?

Wrestling has been around since the 1900

How many different outfits has he have for wrestling?

the undertaker has 2 outfits

How many years has undertaker been wrestling?

The Undertaker [ Mark Calaway ] made his debut in the Dallas, Texas based World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) under the ring name "Texas Red" in 1984.Therefore meaning he started his career in 1984, which so far spans his career to a total of 24 years as of December 6, 2008.Calaway made his WWF debut as "Cain the Undertaker" at a taping of WWF Superstars on November 19, 1990.

How many years has Matt hardy been wrestling for?

professionally 10 years

How many years has the undertaker been in the WWE?

...20 Years Exactly Nov. 19, 2010...

How many times did undertaker kill people in wrestling?

zero... definitely zero

How many years has WWE wrestling been around?

almost 50

Is The UnderTaker any good at wrestling?

Yes, he has won many matches and has held many belts.

How many wrestling names has mark William calaway had?

mark callaway has had 6 wrestling names. kane the undertaker master of pain "mean" mark callous the punisher texas red the undertaker

How many years has Randy Orton been wrestling?

He has been wrestling almost his whole life, but made his professional wrestling debut in 2000. He joined the WWE in April 2002.

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