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Once. Jericho held the title back when it was called the "Undisputed WWF Championship"

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Q: How many times has Chris Jericho held the WWE Championship?
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Who has held the wwe intercontinental championship the most times?

Chris Jericho has held it the most times. 9 times exactlyChris Jericho

Who held the intercontinental championship the longest?

Chris Jericho

How many times did the WWE Intercontinental Championship changed hands in 2002?

William Regal was the champion at the beginning of the year. The list of other people who held this title during 2002 are: 1. RVD 2. Eddie Guerrero 3. Chris Benoit 4. Chris Jericho 5. Kane 6. Triple H

How many times has Batista held the intercontinental championship?

He's never held the Intercontinental Championship.

How many times did john cena held the world heavyweight championship title?

2 times -- and its hold not held

How many times has john cena held the United States championship?

3 times

Who was the WWE champion the most times?

Ric Flair; he has held the WWE Championship 16 times.

Who has held the WWE Championship the most times?

The Rock Has Held 7 hhh 13 times. ok if your asking souly about the wwe championship and not the world championship john cena has held the wwe championship 10 times witch is the most anyone has as for the world title (the former wcw title) ric flair is a legitame 16 time world champion with the original wcw worlds title

Who became most times WWE champion?

Ric Flair; he has held the WWE Championship 16 times.

Where was the first championship in gymnastics held?

were was the first championship for gymnastics held

Who many times under taker has held the world championship 1990-2010?


What championships did john cena have?

He has held the WWE title13 times, World Championship 2 times, Us Championship 3 times, World Tag Tam Champion 2 times (Shawn Michaels and Batista)

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