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Q: How many tattoos does Randy Orton have?
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Where did WWE Randy Orton get his tattoos?

It is not known where Randy Orton gets his tattoos. Randy Orton has wrestled with the WWE since his debut in 2000.

How many tattoos does Randy Orton have Were are they located?

on his upper back and arms22

Has Randy Orton got tattoos?

Yes he does

Where can one get pictures of Randy Orton's tattoos?

One can get pictures of Randy Orton¥_s tattoos at Fan Pop, WWE, Photobucket, Tattoo-pictures, Facebook, Vanishing Tattoo and many more. Randy Orton is a famous American professional wrestler and also an actor.

Is randy ortan tattoos real?

yes. All orton tattoos are real.

Where did Randy Orton get his tattoos done?

he got his tattoos done in saint louis with a girl named kat

What do randy ortons tattoos mean?

Randy Orton's Tribal tattoos don't have any known meaning. He has tattoos, arm and sleeve, he does not want anyone to know the meaning of; it is only for his family and close friends. There is one tattoo that he doesn't mind sharing, his colored rose on his left arm just before his wrist. It is his only colored tat and it's for his baby girl. Alana Marie Orton. He has her birthdate written in Roman numerals under it. Basically, all his tattoos kind of revolve around his main one, like 1 rose, but too many thorns. Another one is for his wife Samantha Orton. Her name is on his right arm.

Does Randy Orton look different these days?

No he has a few more tattoos but otherwise looks the same

What does randy orton tattoos say?

His tattoes say his kids name and i think his wife too.

Who has the most tattoo has in the WWE?

i think that Randy Orton is the wwe wrestler with the most tattoos in the wwe


I think randy orton have more than 5 girlfriend

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