How many songs does Eminem sing?

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2010-09-12 17:02:59

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Eminem has 1118 songs.

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2010-09-12 17:02:59
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Q: How many songs does Eminem sing?
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How many songs did Eminem sing?

Eminem has sung 1118 songs.

What are the best songs for children to sing?

songs by eminem

What songs does Eminem sing?

Ask Google, he has a lot of songs.

Did Eminem sing with tupac?

In many 2Pac's songs Eminem Sang vocal's for songs like Black Cotton and Soldiers like me. Many singers did this with 2Pac such as: Obie Trice, G-Unit, Dido, Eminem, and Elton John. They didn't sing with him they just sang vocals for the songs. 2Pac was dead before Eminem was even famous. Eminem's first Album was Infinite 1996, the same year Pac died.

What song does Eminem sing in?

Many songs - including his recent hits, Not Afraid and Love the Way You Lie

What songs did Eminem sing featuring other artists?

beautiful and Stan

How many songs does eminem sing with swear words?

Eminem does not have one solitary song without swearing. The song "Mockingbird" is close, he only swears at the end.

What clean songs by Eminem can you sing for your variety or talent show?

the real slim shady and crack a bottle are good songs to sing when you are auditioning for a talent show... :)

What songs have the word 'sing' in the title?

Sing by Travis Sing A Song of Freedom by Cliff Richard Sing A Song by The Carpenters Sing For Me by Christina Aguilera Sing For The Moment by Eminem

How many songs has eminem sang in his movie 8 miles?

He sings rap battles but he doesn't sing any of his songs. Lose yourself and superman are on the bonus track

How many Eminem songs are there?

He has 1,364 songs (2011)

How many songs does eminem have altogether?

263 songs

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