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There is but the one season with 24 episodes .

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โˆ™ 2009-12-17 22:21:26
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Q: How many seasons of fate stay night are there?
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How many episodes are there in fate stay night?

They are 24 episodes of this anime

How do you install the fate stay night PC game?

Try going to youtube and type (How to install Fate/Stay Night using Daemon tools pro) its my video and so i helped many ppl:D

Will there be another Fate Stay Night Series after Fate Zero I know that Fate Zero was the prequel to Fate Stay Night and I loved them both but will they make another story line?

At the moment it is still unknown, but there is the Unlimited Blade Works movie. There is still the sequel to Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, so there is a possibility that it may be made into an anime adaption.

Is there going to be season 2 fate stay night?

I guess yes because information from Wikipedia indicates that the fate stay night have a second season (sequel)

What is the strongest Weapon of fate stay night?


What anime is like bleach?

Kiba Fate/stay night

Will there be a sequel to fate stay night of 2006 and will it bring back rin shiro and saber to the plot other than bloodworks?

There is currently no planned sequel for Fate Stay Night of 2006, other than Unlimited Blade Works.

Is there more to the Fate stay night series than the anime?

Yes, There's the spinoffs.

What is heaven's feel in fate stay night?

Heaven's Feel is one of three possible routes in Fate/Stay Night. It's the largest of three where main female character is Sakura. It is also the last route, since reader can unlock it only after reading both Fate and Unlimited Blade Works.

Can you get the game Fate stay night Ralta Nua in English?

yes wbsite

How do you get the fate stay night PC game English?

The game for it on the PC is for free, altough i don't know if its englished or not, but its called Fate/fake. Just type that in.

What are the ratings and certificates for Gekijouban Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - 2010?

Gekijouban Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA15+ Canada:G (Quebec) Germany:16 Hong Kong:IIB Japan:PG12 New Zealand:R13

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