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10 million

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Q: How many records do you have to sell to go diamond?
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How many records do you need so sell to go diamond?


How many records do you have to sell to go platinum?

for it to go gold - 500,000 copies has to be sold to go platinum - 1,000,000 copies has to be sold to go diamond - 10,000,000 copies has to be sold One million copies.

How many records do you sell to go platium?

One million copies.

Where do you go to sell a diamond bought at mercantile diamond group?

You can sell a diamond that you own almost anywhere.

How many records do you have to sell to go platinum in 1968?

In the US, 'Platinum' needs 1,000,000 sales

How many albums do you have to sell to go diamond?

According to RIAA standards, in the United States an album or a single must sell 10,000,000 copies before it is certified as diamond. 10 million albums sold

Where might I go online to sell my old diamond jewelry?

There are a few sites where you can go to sell my old diamond jewelry. will allow you to place free ads, and has a wide audience.

Where could a person go that is interested in buying a pink diamond ring?

There are many places someone can go to purchase a pink diamond ring. Stores like Walmart, Zales, Kay Jewelers, TIffanys, Macys and JCPenny all sell pink diamond rings.

I inherited some diamond jewelry from a relative, and I'd like to sell it. How do I go about finding a buyer?

You can sell diamond jewelry online at Another good site is

How do you mix records with MORE THAN 2 people in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and platinum?

Go To Any Pokemon Center In The Game And Go Upstairs And Go To The Union Room And Enter And Talk To The Person You Want To Mix Records And It Will Say "MIX RECORDS"

Did mc hammer go diamond in record sales?

Yes, he sold 50 million records worldwide.

Where can a person go to buy pink diamond rings online?

There are a number of online sites that sell pink diamond rings. The sites for Overstock, James Allen, Zales, and Blue Nile, for example, each sell these rings.

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