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Q: How many percussion instruments are there in an orchestra?
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What instruments were not the baroque orchestra?

The instruments that were not in the Baroque orchestra was generally percussion instruments like the timpani or keyboard.

What are all the instruments in a percussion orchestra?

There are a lot of Percussion instruments used in an orchestra but here are some of the common ones:PianoTimpaniXylophonesCymbalsTrianglesSnare drumBass drumTambourineMaracasGongChimesCastanetsCelesta, And etc.

When did percussion appear in the orchestra?

The percution instruments we see in an orchestra comes from Asia Minor. These percussion instruments got their beginnings in the 15th century.

What orchestra instruments are in percussion?

Drum kitTimpaniXylophoneMarimbaCongasBongosBass drumTriangleGlockenspielGongTimbales

Why are the percussion instruments at the back of the orchestra?

they are behind so you can see the gesture as the orchestra

Where are the percussion instruments played in the orchestra?

Here are some examples of Percussion instruments that are played in an orchestra:PianoTimpaniXylophoneGongsCymbalsTriangleSnare DrumBass DrumTambourineMaracasChimesCastanetsCelesta

How many percussion instruments are in an orchestra?

An orchestra can contain up to nine percussion instruments including tambourines, cymbals, a piano, bass drums, snare drums, vertical chimes, kettle drums, gongs, and whistles.

What famaily does the orchestra belong in?

The orchestra is not a group of instruments - it contains groups of instruments such as woodwind, brass, strings and percussion.

What are the instruments in a orchestra group?

Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion.

Which section of the orchestra has more instruments than players?


Where do brass instruments sit in an orchestra?

In the back, but in front of the percussion.

Hoe-Down from Rodeo uses a large orchestra with many different percussion instruments?


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