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A full size orchestra contains about 100 players may sometimes be called a "symphony orchestra" or "philharmonic orchestra"

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Q: How many people play in an Orchestra?
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How many people in an orchestra play the organ?

Not many people are seen to play the organ in an orchestra.Usually only in churches you will see them.

Why are harps not in the orchestra?

they are. not many people play harps though, or there is no music for them.

How many people play in a orchestra?

It varies from orchestra to orchestra. There is no set minimum or maximum number of players in an orchestra. However an orchestra must have a variety of instruments, including woodwinds, strings, and brass.

How many people play xylophone in an orchestra?

Any orchestra percussionist should know how to play, but there is usually only one xylophone part in any piece where it's used.

Who are people that play the timpani in an orchestra?


How many people play in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra?

As one of the big give orchestras in America, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has many different people playing in it. Currently, the number of people in it exceeds over 100.

How many cello's play in the orchestra?

Normally there 8-12 cellos in an orchestra

Can a traditional symphony orchestra sometimes have more than 100 players?

Of course! You'd be surprised, actually, by just how many people play in a symphony orchestra.

How many people perform in an orchestra?

A full-size symphony orchestra usually consists of about 100 people. An orchestra of 50 people or less is commonly called a chamber orchestra.

How many people played in the orchestra on the titanic?

There were 23 members of the orchestra

What sort of music do orchestras usually play?

The standard fare for an orchestra to play is Classical music. However, the orchestra is not limited to just playing Classical as they can and do play many other genre's of music. Take for instance the Glenn Miller Orchestra - yes, still and "orchestra", and yet they play mostly music from the Swing era. The term "orchestra" can be applied to many different groups and as many different styles of music.

Where do people play the tuba?

Generally, they are played in a marching band or orchestra.

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