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Not correct - the capacity for a concert is 23,000

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2011-01-26 14:18:07
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Q: How many people does the London o2 arena hold for a music concert?
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What year and where did Roxy music play in London Ontario?

February 2 1975 London Arena

What is the best description of a concert?

A concert refers to the performance of music before a group of people.

Which is more economical for a music concert having a large venue or a small venue?

Having a large venue for sure because many people will attend on a music concert, even the other people in other county will attend if the music concert was popular.

When is Lil Wayne next concert?

lil Wayne will have a concert in new Orleans on April 14,2011 at 7:00 at the new Orleans arena, the concert is for lil waynes i am music 2 tour and Niki minaj and rick ross! hopefully i will be able to go! :)

What is the current use for the o2 arena?

It is mostly used for music concerts. It will also be used for some of the events at the London Olympics in 2012.

When was Country Music Concert created?

Country Music Concert was created in 1966.

How do you spell cunsert?

Concert - as in 'a music concert'

How do most people get their music in the 1800s?

The only way to get music then was to listen to it live at a concert, or to purchase sheet music and play it yourself.

What has the author Robert Elkin written?

Robert Elkin has written: 'A career in music' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Music, Music, Music as a profession 'The old concert rooms of London' -- subject(s): Music, Concerts

How loud is concert music?

it is very loud in a concert

How can people meet Justin Bieber?

well you can meet him at a concert and you can audition to be in his music video.

What does a concert mean?

concert means a group of people going. to a large place to see a band group play a music that they made by themselves

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