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As of August 7, 2009 dog has 14 grandchildren
Duane "Dog" Chapman has many grandchildren, only some of them have been publicly named:

  1. Jodi Chapman (Duane Lee's daughter)
  2. Jennifer Chapman (Duane Lee's daughter)
  3. Cody Chapman (Duane Lee's son)
  4. Jasmine Chapman (Duane Lee's daughter)
  5. Dakota Chapman (Leland's son)
  6. Colbie Chapman (Leland's son)
  7. Leiah Breanna Chapman (Leland's daughter)
  8. Travis Drake-Lee Chapman (Barbara Katie's son)
  9. Abbie Mae Chapman (Baby's Lyssa's daughter)
  10. Madalynn Grace Galanti (Baby Lyssa's daughter)
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2011-02-25 19:00:00
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Q: How many grandchildren does dog the bounty hunter have?
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