How many gates can Rock Lee open?

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Rock Lee can open Six chakra gates.

Rock Lee is not capable of opening all chakra gates.

When Rock Lee was fighting Gaara, Kakashi asked Might Guy how many gates he had got up to. Guy said he was up to five gates.

Now that he has trained during time-skip, Rock Lee can probably open the sixth chakra gate now.

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2011-02-18 08:27:17
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Rock Lee can open up 6 of the 8 inner gates

We can see that in one of the episodes when Might Guy was fighting Madara

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Q: How many gates can Rock Lee open?
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Will rock lee ever open the 8 inner gates?

Opening the Eight gates means certain death. Rock Lee, because of his ninja way, will most likely never open all gates.

How do you open all 8 gates with Lee in Naruto Clash of ninja 2?

how to open all 8gate with rock lee

How do you use Rock Lee's hidden lotus?

you have to open all of the gates first

How many humans can open the eight gates?

no humans can open the gates but in the naruto anime only gai and lee were the once that opened it so far

What is the forbidden technique of rock lee?

Eight Gates.

How do you open the eight chakra gates in real life?

To open the Eight gates you must be very skillful, work out like Rock Lee, and go crazy with power. Also meditate to keep your mind clear.

Can only rock lee do the gates?

No. guy can and so can kakashi

Is there a such thing as the 8 gates as in Rock Lee's abilities that can be opened?

Yeah the eight chakra gates

Is kisame stronger then RockLee?

Kisame is stronger then Lee by him self but when Lee opens 8 inner gates he could be stronger but remember Lee only opened 5 gates when he fought Gaara so that is not his true power he probely can open 8 gates but with them Lee would get creamed in seconds so Kiame is stronger.

Why can't Rock Lee use gen jutsu nin jutsu?

Rock lee can't use nore nin or genjutsu,because he does not know how to release it after doing the hand seals and saying the word ( transformation jutsu) . He is kind of a normal human being . Except for the chakra gates,that can not be opened in real life,but Chakra is REAL , in fact we humans use it every day,running,fighting,etc Kautilya-Chakra gates can be opened.Whoever says that chakra gates can't be opened has gained very little knowledge in this field.Ask -How to open the 8 chakra gates?

How do you open the 8 chakra gates in real life?

meditation and loads off training but dont try be like rock lee he over dose it lol

What does tuanting do in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4?

taunting in naruto ultimate ninja 4 can put you more powerful for example rock lee (he can open the eight gates by taunting) and tenten can, summon power ups like exploding shurikens.

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